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Our Vineyards – South Australia

Raysun sources quality grapes from vineyards throughout South Australia to make a range of wines from commercial to supper premium. South Australia is famous for its vineyards which produce over 70% of all Australia’s exported wine. Our premium wines are all from the best known regions of South Australia.

South Australia has a vast diversity of geography and climate which allows the state to be able to be successfully produce a wine range of grape varieties – from the cooler climate Riesling variety in the Clare Valley to the big, full bodied Shiraz wines in the Barossa Valley.

The climate of South Australia varies greatly from interior regions like Riverland being intensely hot and growing cooler as you get closer to the coastal regions like Adelaide Hills. Across the region there is low annual rainfall which necessitates the need for irrigation to curb the threat of droughts.

The soil type of South Australia is also varied across the region from the well-known Terra Rossa (red soil) of the Coonawarra region, the limestone-marl based soils of Adelaide and Riverland area, to the sandy, clay loam based soils of the Barossa.

Harvest Period
Early March through to late April

Annual Railfall
236mm, it is the driest state of Australia

Sunshine Hours Per Day
Average 8.5

Area Under Vine
Approx. 73155 ha, the largest area of vineyards accounting for 42.4% of the national total vineyard area.

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