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Wine is a way of life in Barossa Valley – we have been growing grapes and making wine since 1842. Barossa Valley is Australia’s most famous wine region. It is Barossa Valley that builds many Australian quality branded wines with great reputations.

Barossa Valley is renowned throughout the world for its full bodied red – great Australian Shiraz and processes some of the oldest dry grown vines in the world. It has both warm and cool climate growing conditions and it is ideal for full bodied red wines and excellent fortified wines.

There are two basic soil types: brown, loamy sand to clay loam and more sandy light brownish grey to dark grey brown soils. Both are relatively low in fertility, particularly the second type and the acidity tends to increase with depth. Traditional viticulture results in low yields of high quality grapes.

Barossa Shiraz – the style is full bodied, dark in colour, rich in dark red fruits with a touch of chocolate, a hint of roasted character, and sometimes eucalypt as well as mint. The structure is round and velvety, and the wines are almost invariably extremely long lived.

Other Grape Varieties:

Cabernet Sauvignon  Grenache  Mourvedre  Semillon  Riesling  Chardonnay

Shiraz Grapes

Barossa Valley – Old Shiraz Vine

Raysun wines sourced from Barossa Valley

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– Kangaroo King  Shiraz

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